Captivated Palace

My Home is secure
I am kept in perfect peace
My mind is steadfast on you
I trust in your ways
In you my God my tent will never be moved
My house is peaceful
I am ready to move at your command
My boat is ready to set sail
At your whisper
Help me to make room to live my life
In great anticipation of being interrupted by you my King
I praise you I am forgiven as I swim in a sea of my own sin
You defend my earthly dwelling, you defend me
My desire is to only share my home with you
No one else can live in my house in Jesus’ Name
Thank you for choosing me
You are my comfort
I praise you for making me flourish in abundance
You make known to me your sovereign hand
I serve you
you restore my tent
You have rebuilt my ancient ruins
and restored the long devastated places of my heart;
You will renew
You have reassigned my desolate inheritances,
And say to all areas held captive in my life, ‘Come out,’
and those areas chained and in darkness, ‘Be free!’
By your name I am free
I will call on you and come and pray,
I praise you that you listen to me
I seek you
I find you
My heart is yours Jesus
I will be found by you
I praise you for your compassion
You rebuild me into a palace for your glory
I willingly am uprooted, torn down, overthrown, and destroyed
So you can rebuild and plant anew
Into a beautiful palace to display your glory
I dwell in safety
All the ugly, overgrown sin areas of my life are destroyed and cut off in Jesus’ Name
You tend to every aspect of my tattered garden
You run after me as, as shepherd pursues the lost sheep
You bind up my injured life and strengthen me in my weakness
You create a garden flowing with Life
If I harvest I will eat at your table
If I gather the grapes
I will drink with you in your sanctuary
In my tent you make my cup overflow


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