Fill your Cistern with His A Living Water

In the times we need scripture the most, it is often the times we have the hardest time going to the well that satisfies our thirst.  Hopefully these prayers make your valley or a loved ones valley a bit easier to navigate.  The vision for this blog is the help provide shalom and abundant water through a compilation of scripture based prayers and encouragement.  Having subject based prayers helps you pray when you don’t have the words to say…Provide a loved one with encouragement when time doesn’t allow.  It is ready and available for times when you need it the most.  I have found in my life it is the hardest times with deepest valleys’ that make it hard to even know what to say to God.  If you find yourself in this place, this blog is for you.  If you have a friend that needs scripture or prayers on a certain subject, but don’t know where to look, this also is the blog for you…I found myself compiling documents on my iPad throughout many seasons of life.  These prayers and thoughts come from highs and lows.  It takes rolling in your own ashes to realize their beauty.  Posturing my heart to praise Him and worship in all times and in all situations is a muscle that I am still toning.   I hope this brings a glimmer of light to the weary soul.