Prayer to be Taught by God

I am taught by God
You pour out your spirit on me
I praise you that I prophesy,
See visions
Dream dreams
I am your servant
I see your signs and wonders
The sun is turned to dark
I do not fear, because you are my light
I shout to the world
Everyone who calls on the Lord
Will be saved!
I rejoice
I am never shaken
Because I take your right hand
“You have made known to me the paths of life;
you will fill me with joy in your presence.”
I repent
My times of refreshing are here
I speak your word with great boldness
“You Stretch out your hand to heal and perform signs and wonders
through the name of your holy servant Jesus.”
Because I am taught by God
You teach me your way
I walk your path
You put your law on my heart and mind
I know you
All will have the chance to know you
From the greatest to the least of these
My faith rests not in human wisdom, but in GODS’ POWER
May your power be on display
May your light shine through the cracks of this broken jar of clay
May I shine for your glory alone
My life will show that all power is from you God
I believe and I speak because of the freedom you give Jesus
I speak with Spirit-taught words
Because the Spirit of God lives in me
The world does not understand
They are void of the Holy Spirit
They are blinded by the spirit of this world

Forgive the wickedness of the world

Revival Holy Spirit

Pour out your Spirit

Both who know you and those living in darkness
Humanity is baffled by your holiness
I am compelled because I am judged by a higher call
The heaven I sense in my heart
Makes me strive for the unseen and awaited
I will be walking on air
I hope to see your back
And not your face
Joining your great army of saints
I am chosen
Your treasure
Written on your hand
Set apart
For a great purpose
Help me fulfill your purpose
Speak your word to me
I hear your whisper
I use your word
To accomplish your purpose
Your voice is like the sound of rushing waters
I am drowning in your presence
My cup overflows with abundance
The light of Your face washes away my darkness,
the darkness.
In your right hand
I lay
You surround me with hope and rest
I feel peace
You calm me
You say “do not fear,
take heart, be of good courage
I will not abandon you.”
You carry me
My feet are now yours
We walk together
With Feet of bronze
My body your temple
Standing firm like the 2 bronze pillars in your temple
I hear Your voice crashing like the thunder of your waterfalls of Engedi.
You say “Take your sickle and REAP,
because the time to reap has come,
for the harvest of the earth is ripe”
The people are ready
Prepare my heart and mind
Help me to be ready
Your cluster of grapes are ripe
I pray for the people of Israel
Your holy, chosen, and beloved children
May they know the messiah
The time is almost here
Be ready
I will wait with oil
You say “Do not fall asleep watchmen,
I don’t promise it will be easy,
I am coming
And when I come it will be like a thief in the night
Get ready
If they say I am crazy, I say I only did it for you God



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