The Broken is Beautiful

I Hope, I live free
I overflow with hope
Because the Holy Spirit gives me
The power that is already mine through Jesus
By his stripes I am healed
My failures, weakness, abounding flaws, and sin nature
Are made beautiful, not in flesh appearance
But my scars and ash are my beauty
Because through these
I am humbled
Shown great mercy
And made new
Like a garden flowing with living water
My past in all its ugliness is my beauty
Because He sees not as the world sees
He sees the flawed, sinful, and broken as the Beautiful
There is freedom in this message
That God takes the hidden things and brings them to light
Because exposing the past
Shows my weakness
And puts his power on display for the world to see
So I will sing from the tops of the highest building
He came to set me free
He gave me eyes to see
He gave me ears to hear
I don’t have to beg for these things
They are already mine
I praise you for my inheritance
Which is every spiritual blessing
And nothing can harm me
Nothing on this earth
By the blood of Jesus
I am free


One thought on “The Broken is Beautiful

  1. Love! Just beautiful, real, and TRUE. I’m excited to read this blog. Love you friend and miss you dearly!


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